The first issue with the new Bookmarks feature that was just released is that there is no scroll bar on the online version. When you have more than 20 or so bookmarks, you can't scroll down to the bottom of the list to click on bookmark #48 for example. The only way to access it is by clicking the "Next" arrow a bunch of times.

The next issue is that in the Desktop Service, there is no scroll bar in the selection pane so you can't scroll down when you have more than 50ish objects on a page.

On a similar note, when you set an image to link to a bookmark, then you click on the image, the image becomes useless. You should be able to click on the image to go to the first bookmark, and then click on it again to go to the next bookmark (or maybe make it a back button again). I want to go from Bookmark A to Bookmark B to Bookmark C and so on, but currently the only way to accomplish this is to add multiple images, set them all up individually, and then hide the ones you don't want. This is a pain when you have 50+ different locations you want to scroll through individually. Especially because you can't scroll down on the Selection Pane anyway which means you can only hide the first 25 or so objects.