We would like to have some extra features to the recently release Premium Capacity Monitoring App. Would it be possible to add the dataset size and the consumed capacity per dataset, instead of just the total?


Hey Valerie, Here is the release blog post ( version 1.9 and latest version is about us adding dataset size in memory. Reinstall the latest version of the app and try it!


For me it all comes down to knowing 1) Who's involved in the >80 CPU utilization peeks, and 2) What they all consumed during that time.
Having most of my users in the European and America time zones, I couldn't care less about a single Australian user/dataset consuming all the resources when all the rest of us is sleeping, but I do care about those users/datasets that maybe consume some percentage during peek hours, these are the once forcing us to upgrade the capacity plan

'These Extra for examples :

- Premium Governance (High priority)
- Display the data source type (Direct query, SQL, Gateway (enterprise, personal), flat file, flat file on onedrive +++...)
- Count of workspace using a gateway
- Consumption of memory and CPU by Workspace, Apps, repport
- List of readers and owners for each report/dashboards
- list of Apps, dashboard or report, present on our tenant, shared to an huge population (number of readers/number of shared with)
- Possibility to delegate Premium Capacity Metrics app to a specific scope (Business Unit, Entity...)
- Cmdlts to assign or unassign worspace to premium capacity

- BI managment (Medium priority)
- Detailed list of all data sources that can be used to carry out a monitoring and advice the tools to be put in place for this analysis (Audit logs, Graph...)
- Cmdlts to export easily and automatically audit logs to csv and integrate them into a PBI report.

- Support Monitoring (Low priority)
- Increase in search depth of statistics
- 'alerts's for
- sharing with a lot of readers
- huge number of refresh fails
- number of data sources by report
- use rate of a dashboard
- Refresh errors and associated origin