Incremental refresh only works for data sources where query folding is taking place. To my understanding Power BI Dataflow is not one of them.

As I would like to offload both the actual data source as well as the Premium instance, I would like incremential refresh to work in both the Power BI Dataflow as well as in Power BI Dataset. If not, I need to choose.

Rational: To be able to build an efficient ETL/ELT flow I need to be able to utilize incremental refresh both at the staging layer as well as in the data transformation and data model load layer.

Workaround: If I instead of using Power BI Dataflow uses a SQL DB as a middle layer data store, I can do incremental refresh to the SQL DB and then also use incremental refresh from the SQL DB to the Power BI dataset.
2021 Release Wave 2

Planned to release later this year.



Necessary to use dataflows at enterprise level !!!


We are using an AWS Redshift DWH with the following Data Refresh stages/workflow:

AWS Redshift DWH => Dataflow (data ingest) => Datasets (BI-Model)

We were planning to use Dataflows as an abstraction layer and ingest mechanism as proposed by Microsoft so that this ingested data can be used by the depending (Shared-) Datasets and thereby to implement a modern Self-Service BI solution.

Because of the size of the data and the limited time available during nightly data refesh we require an incremental data refresh on all stages of the dataload (Dataflows & Datasets) to provide our users with updated date every day at 07:00 latest. So we need an Data Refresch workflow like this:

AWS Redshift DWH => Incremental Refresh on Dataflows => Incremental Refresh on depending Datasets
because we would like to use Power BI (Service) to query/anlayse with refreshed data from the DWH.

So the incremental data refreshs have to work in tandem - currently it appears that this (incremental refreshs for both Dataflows and depending Datasets) is not working (yet) and we still have no official confirmation from Microsoft if this will be working/implemented in the future.
If this is not working/or not designed this way we don't see that Power BI can be used in larger Enterprise environments...