Add security to show/hide any specific page (Tab) on a report based on users privileges / Roles.
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Thanks for all the feedback! Currently, Power BI does not have a security feature for pages; however, using conditional page navigation and RLS, you can create a custom navigation experience that shows different page options for different roles.

Here's an example of this custom navigation experience: 
 Navigate with a Go button

You can start by hiding all pages on your report except the landing page. Then you will create a column that contains the exact names of the pages in report.
Here's an example: 
Create a table

Using Power BI's row-level security feature, you can define the security roles and rules for this column, and then you can add the column to a single-select slicer.
The slicer will only show values in the column based on the security roles and rules that you've applied to this column.
Navigate slicer

Next, you can create a page navigation button and click the fx button to conditionally format the destination based on the column: 
Page navigation button
Now the button can navigate the user to the selected page:
Navigate with a Go button



That's a very important feature, please make it available as early as possible



This is a highly needed feature. I currently need to implement Page Level Security as a business solution, but it is not currently possible.

Developing multiple reports which maintain different views of the same data & measure calculations is a continual headache & waste of company resources. To constantly ensure that for any change made to any 1 of these reports, the same change must also be developed in all other reports, is the opposite of best practices. 90% of development must be done N times (for each report), rather than 1 time as it should be 1 single report.

If Microsoft could make adding this feature a priority, it would be GREATLY appreciated.


Nathan Vail


Does anyone have any idea when this will be available? Could really do with this functionality as our security team was able to break the work around within 5 minutes of me sending it to them.


Unfortunately the work around that has been posted before (hiding all tabs and creating a dynamic menu) is not sufficient. There are numerous use cases where someone might have access to column level data in some visualizations, but shouldn't be allowed to see the same column in other visualizations. Meaning if we did the "work around" they could technically get to the "hidden" page and see the data re-shaped in ways that they shouldn't.

Would be great if we could actually hide/show tabs based on role/user with true security built in.


as per this idea still we cant add RLS for the page navigation ,so my recommendation to to add Tab under Fields to be "pages" and visual under visualization under name "special page navigation" so will be much fixable to assign what we need and to be liked to the security by adding actions and more designs .


We need urgently thease feature, i see the PBI Teams a lot of features, but, these feature is very very needed for all the peopla.

We are maintaining a lot of reports, when with only one report with a good security, it's my solution.


I have used the workaround suggested by the administrator, but our issue is that this solution is not very user friendly. Despite trying to highlight the dropdown as much as possible, some of our users still miss the dropdown and end up thinking the report is not working. What would be great is if the Page Navigator feature (Insert>Buttons>Navigator) could link to RLS / be conditional, so that only the relevant pages were displayed as buttons (i.e. if a page was not relevant for a user, it would disappear dynamically from the page navigator). By also removing the need for a GO button, this would minimise user confusion and reduce the number of clicks they need to perform to navigate across a report.


Please do consider below point before doing a public preview.

1. If report has “REPORT BOOKMARKS” user can still bypass the page navigation and access the pages. – Please give report authors to hike the “REPORT BOOKMARKS”.

2. Export to “PPT” – user can still bypass the page navigation and access the information.

3. Export to “PDF” – user can still bypass the page navigation and access the information.

So, we need a proper Page security so we can use single report/App for different department with Page security. Thanks


Same data set -- but I have to publish 4 different power bi reports because we don't have page level security. RLS only solves what data the user is exposed to. I want to restrict who sees the page.


i (and many others I am sure) would like to hide pages based on users logging into a report with many pages.

Really, really need this soon :(