Conditional formatting should include more options like bold, underline, italic, etc. not just font and background color.
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Baffling to see new arranging highlights turn out that head the correct way yet on a handy level illuminate nothing in light of the fact that the idea was just applied to a restricted subset of visuals/highlights. https://www.prodissertationhelp.co.uk/

The Power BI technology is amazing, but it is still borderline impossible to create professional quality reports. Most of this has to do with a lack of customization, fonts included. The inability to change anything on total rows or headers can completely ruin the aesthetic of a report. Frustrating to see new formatting features come out that head in the right direction but on a practical level solve almost nothing because the concept was only applied to a narrow subset of visuals/features. We don't just need conditional formatting of background/font on table values. We need total rows, headers, report backgrounds, rows, and everything else that could be picked up in a 30 minute excel user focus group!

This would be really helpful to enhance table visualisations who don't use subtotals.