In my dashboard I have a slicer which filters a large list of names. The default color for the text of a selected item seems to be black. My background color is black, so when an item is selected it makes it difficult to see. I have the color for my font set to be turquoise so unselected items show up fine. It would be nice to set the font color for selected items.
Needs Votes


Beyond me how such an easy update hasn't been made yet.

There should be formatting options of font and background for slicer, as for buttons. Default, On Hover, On Press etc.

This should have been added years ago, the horizontal slicer is used pretty often and black selected item never fits in the report's design.

and set the background color as well!

This is a must have function ...

This seems like it should be a basic function, especially with the filter pane's ability to be customized. Why is this not an option?

How is it still not fixed?? Everybody in my organization is confused why, when selecting filters, black/greyed out means selected

Please add this feature. Its very useful specially when building reports that brings out a company's brand color when selected.

This REALLY needs to be added now the Field Parameters are becoming prevalent. Please consider adding this to the backlog, Microsoft!

This would be great. We all know the value in a good looking report.