We develop reports and dashboards for client companies. Basically, we help them get up-and-running and support them with Power BI.

Our methodology is the following:

First, for now, it is based on SQL Server databases only. We have their backup restored locally on our development SQL Server.

So while developing the Power BI reports with Desktop, we connect to local data sources. We test it by publishing the reports on our own Office 365 space.

At deployment-time, we change the data source settings to put those from production environment (server and database name). We then publish the reports using one of their Power BI account license. We are doing it from our development machines.

The problem is that whenever we need to do modifications to a report/dataset, on Desktop, we need to change the data source settings back to the development ones in order to test.

Right now, it is a pain...

It would be great if you could add a feature to help manage it easily.
Needs Votes



Maybe this could be solved by making it possible to get access to Workspace variables from dataset/reports
So that you in the dataset could do something like:
connectinString = My.Workspace.Variable["DatabaseKey"]
I think that would possible solve this and a lot of other use-cases as well.