In the web browser, you click on a dashboard tile and get taken directly to the linked report page. In the Mobile Apps, you click on a dashboard tile and get taken to a full screen version of that tile.
This is very frequently not the right behavior. A proper solution would be to have a way to toggle the mobile click behavior between "open in focus mode" and "open report page".

A frequently suggested work-around is to use the "external link" option of a tile setup. However, external links force an app rebuild even when pointed at the same app they originate from, resulting in slower and less responsive app.
Needs Votes



This is a MUST. The web app will go directly to a report from a desktop tile without going into focus mode. For KPI visuals this is annoying. We don't need to zoom in on the KPI but have the KPI bring us to the detailed report. The desktop "mobile" app is improving and works nice but this problem single handedly keeps me from using it instead of the web application.