We'd like to be able to run a SQL statement in the Snowflake connector window

The ability to write custom SQL is now available, to learn more about the connector details please visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-query/connectors/snowflake


Very much needed for dba's to connect snowflake

This is criticallly needed as currently users are not able to connect snowflake.

We need this feature! We need it in order to be able to execute complex SQL queries.

Would make life much easier for us.

Tableau can do this....

A required feature for DTCC users.

Need to run complex queries in snowflake. We are heavily dependant on it in our org. For now we have to primarily use Tableau for it.

very much needed!

Very much needed, most all modern tools have.

Without this link I just am unable to analyse the data I a required too