We'd like to be able to run a SQL statement in the Snowflake connector window

The ability to write custom SQL is now available, to learn more about the connector details please visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-query/connectors/snowflake


It is tedious to have to create and change views to work around this feature miss

The ability to write SQL statements is available in other data sources. This needs added to the Snowflake connector. There are things that cannot be achieved by just using the UI.

Would be great to drive usage to our users. A lot of folks are asking.

Yes, this would help so much.

We need this!

Please add.

This proposed feature could solve for more than one request easily - allow for a block of the SQL statements (";" delimited script) to be ran as the initialization of the session. This would allow to set the default role, the default database, etc., etc.

much needed feature

This feature is needed

This request has been made from every one of my clients that are using PowerBI for their visualization. Please add this feature rapidly!