We'd like to be able to run a SQL statement in the Snowflake connector window

The ability to write custom SQL is now available, to learn more about the connector details please visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-query/connectors/snowflake


I can't believe this feature isn't included. Big oversight.

Please, definitely it's a mayor need for lot of us. This is something that would help a looooot of work.
Thanks in advance

Need a way to specify Custom SQL

'Desperately needed feature. Otherwise the connector is useless in many cases
- complex queries / filters
- VARIANT/flattening

A much needed feature if one's using Snowflake as data WH and Power BI as reporting tool.

In PowerBI Desktop , when we try to connect to Snowflake data source there is no provision for Custom SQL query in Advanced options. Please add this feature on hogh priority as our project has lot of dependency on this feature

This is a big limitation for us considering we are using snowflake for our company data hub and we use Power BI for our reporting and analytics platform.

I personally feel this is very critical in lot of work

Snowflake customers using PowerBI need this feature.

Yes, this would help so much.