We'd like to be able to run a SQL statement in the Snowflake connector window

The ability to write custom SQL is now available, to learn more about the connector details please visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-query/connectors/snowflake


Someone should seriously look into this. There is an increasing number of organisations moving into Snowflake. We already know Snowflake has a good relationship with Tableau. So we really like PowerBI to be up there & get these basic level of functionality in as quickly as possible. Its not too late but your brand loyal customers are helpless & bit frustrated with this already. Thank you

Yes this is a vital component to using Power BI within our business, without this we may need to switch to Tableau. Please add this into production ASAP.

We need this function too.
Should be standard imho.

we need this please please please

please, my organization needs this feature

Please add!!!! It is indispensable to developing adoption of power bi

we need this now. Please.. RIght now considering Tableau because of this.

It's ridiculous that this has been a request for over 2 years with no movement. Will be transitioning org to Tableau if this isn't resolved.

This shouldn't even have to be up for a vote. We need this included yesterday!

Please include as this is very limiting.