We'd like to be able to run a SQL statement in the Snowflake connector window

The ability to write custom SQL is now available, to learn more about the connector details please visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-query/connectors/snowflake


great to see this on the roadmap now!


"The Snowflake connector will add support for custom roles and native queries. This will allow users to have much greater specificity in returning the desired data."

"General Availability March 2021"

This should be implemented. Otherwice, not having SQL statement option limits significatly the ability to work with large datasets.

Snowflake connector needs to be functional as soon as possible. Ability to run custom queries against Snowflake is critical, as well as ability to use Azure SSO to connect to Snowflake Cloud2Cloud without ODBC driver.

This is crucial. Refreshes with big Snowflake tables are consuming credits when not necessary. The workaround is to create custom views of specific tables on the Snowflake side which creates much more work. A simply query would greatly improve the effectiveness of this connector.

This is such an important feature that is missing for Power BI

This feature is available in Tableau, not in PBI.
Important to only load specific data from large datasets in SnowFlake.

Need the ability to make a Snowflake data connection, Import and Direct Query-abled, using the Snowflake connector in PowerBI, but utilizing custom SQL.

Would also like to make sure, if Import is used, that queries can fold keeping it Incremental Refresh capable.

Snowflake Custom queries are a critical need for us. The inability to specify the desired data precisely means we would end up producing heavy Snowflake consumption unnecessarily, which is costly both in time and money. Alternatively using Snowflake views to manage content isn't really appealing either -- creates an administrative nightmare. ODBC provides for custom queries, but the admin of all the ODBC connections is not desirable either.

I'm not sure why you would release ANY connector that does not provide for custom SQL. Is there any timeline on when this feature could be added?

This feature is essential. Having to create and manage all of our companies queries (views) at the Snowflake level for each report is a nightmare.

This is definitely needed in Snowflake. It would be vital for them if they want to stay competitive and eliminate the competition.