Like discussed here: http://community.powerbi.com/t5/Integrations-with-Files-and/Refreshing-queries-with-functions-doens-t-work/td-p/2450 - queries where data access happens inside a function and where the data source is dependent on parameters to the function should be refreshable.
Needs Votes



'@sdjensen: Refreshing of a dataset that contains functions in the power query still doesn't work for me. Everything runs fine using Power BI Desktop but as soon as I publish to the Power BI Portal and try to refresh the data from there I get an error.

Below is an example of the power query that I am trying to run. Please excuse the lack of indentation as it seems to get removed after posting the comment.

/* Gets the transaction file data as a table by url */
let getTransByFileUrl = (sourceTransFileUrl as text) =>

let sourceTransWeb = Web.Contents(sourceTransFileUrl) in
let sourceTrans = try Csv.Document(sourceTransWeb, null, ",", null, 1252) in
if sourceTrans[HasError] then
#table(type table [],{})
let sourceTransWithHeaders = Table.PromoteHeaders(sourceTrans[Value]) in
{"Account", type text},
{"Account Number", type text},
{"Transaction Date", type date},
{"Transaction Amount", type number},
{"Transaction Description", type text},
{"Transaction Code", type text}
) in

/* Combines all the transaction file data for all source transaction files as a table */
let getTransByTransFiles = (sourceTransFiles as list) =>

sourceTransFiles, (sourceTransFile) => getTransByFileUrl(sourceTransFile)
) in

/* Generates a list of daily transaction file names starting from the specified start date with the specified folder and file name */
let getSourceTransFiles = (startDate, sourceTransFolderUrl, fileNameWithExt) =>

let dates =
List.Dates(startDate, Number.From(DateTime.LocalNow () ) - Number.From(startDate), #duration(1, 0, 0, 0)) in

(date) =>
let fileUrl = sourceTransFolderUrl & Date.ToText(


I believe this issue is still not fixed as I tried it post May 16 update. It still doesn't allow me to refresh when I use a function. @sdjensen can you confirm if it worked for you and if it how did you approach it ?




When i create a power query report with function to retrieve data from muliple project sites the refresh/schedule option is not working. It should be resolved soon


This is so needed! I wish I wouldn't of spent a day building out what I thought was a brilliant ETL approach for multiple servers with identical schemas. Please find a way to make this happen.


3 votes! To let Power BI to be a really powerful tool we have to enable this. The situation when some features only work for a desktop client is truly unacceptable


I call the same data source (URL) over multiple API endpoints, in case the URL needs to change I have each data source reference a single table parameter. I've now discovered this means refresh cannot be scheduled.. Seems like an obvious thing really.. 3 votes!


Hopefully this can be promoted as a must for scheduled refresh capability


This seems to be an unreasonable limitation.


This seems like a no-brainer to capture fully the true power of power bi