It would be great if it would be possible to pass filters in the URL of the report on the report server (as it is already possible in Power BI online)

As promised, we've added basic filtering of Power BI reports via URL parameters, similar to the Power BI service feature described here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-service-url-filters/. For example, if you’ve embedded a Power BI report into another app using an iframe and a URL like the following: https://reportserver/reports/powerbi/Store Sales?rs:Embed=true Then you can specify additional filters using the “filter” URL parameter: https://reportserver/reports/powerbi/Store Sales?rs:Embed=true&filter= Store/Territory eq 'NC' and Store/Chain eq 'Fashions Direct' Syntax: URL?filter=Table/Field eq 'value' The same restrictions that apply to the Power BI service apply to the Report Server as well: - Table and Field names are case sensitive, value is not. - Fields that are hidden from report view can still be filtered. - Value has to be enclosed with single quotes. - Field type has to be string. - Table and field names cannot have any spaces.


Still does not work in latest PowerBI server. URL filters does nothing to filter in PBIRS.

Another option (idea) would be auto convert filtered queries into report parameter datasets that we can set and use just like regular pagination reports. Basically, having dashboard features and visuals are great, but we want to limit who can see what to those users by user security and parameters. Why create row level security if you can just turn filtering into datasets and parameters? Then use the same URL features given to regular reports on prem. Dashboards that have no security or parameters are not very security friendly or SOX compliant.

When I do not have filters in the URL it shows me all my data. Once I add those filter parameters (Table and Field name same as Dataset) it does not show anything rather crashes the whole report.

Looking forward to hear back on this.
And thank you for your support.


PS: As mentioned from last post, I do not have any default filter selected on that report.

This is the situation where URL filtering does not work.
1. Report already has a Filter, example Customer/City eq 'Boston'
2. if the URL sends a filter Customer/City eq 'Burlington'
then the report displays with 2 filters, City=Boston and City=Burlington, which is not correct, since the query returns no rows. We have to manually remove one of them. User is not going to know or do such a thing.
Please suggest what to do or fix this issue.

Does that stopped working with September 2019 release?
http://localhost/Reports/powerbi/Test?rs:Embed=true&filter= Models/SensitivityName eq 'Current'

I can see , If user alter or edit url(like remove ?filter=Table/Field eq ‘value’ from url) than they are able to see all data.
Any suggestions so far, How to solve it ?

I can see , If user alter or edit url(like remove ?filter=Table/Field eq ‘value’ from url) than they are able to see all data.
Any suggestions so far, How to solve it ?

filter is not working for me.

filter= Store/Territory eq ‘NC’
i have replaced store to my table name or Territory to my column name but still not working


Got the embed command to work. Is there a way to set the section (tab) to be viewed? I've tried rc:Section=3, etc. but no go. Thanks.

I can't get this to work using report server at all.

This is really awesome! Can you now please tell the Microsoft Teams developers they need to allow this filter functionality when adding a Power BI tab in Teams? If I use the built in Power BI tab and select my report, I get the vanilla report. If I instead choose to add a web page tab and use this new filtered URL, it works perfect but I'm just looking at the web vs being in a true Power BI tab.