Today, the tooltip on charts (like line charts, area charts) will only show 10 rows. So if you have more than 10 series, they are never shown on the tooltip :-(

Best if the tooltip had no limit, or the limit was configurable in the visualization Format options.
Needs Votes


Please consider remove the limit and allowing sorting the tooltip items.

Allow to mange in this way:
- Allow for top 10 items
- Allow for bottom10 items
- Allow for SORTING
- Allow for showing more in GROUPS
- etc.

Any update on this?

This is really troublesome not to have. Would it be possible to make it configurable say, only show one of the lines or 1 point on the line?

This should be an out of the box feature. If a chart is able to plot multiple values then the tool tip should support that OR have a format feature to keep the default or add all.