It would great if we can modify/create relationships in Power BI Website. For instance, when we connect directly to an Azure Data Warehouse, there is no relationships between the tables. So having the ability to edit relationships on Power BI Online would be really good.
Under Review

We are currently reviewing was of making these things happen in the Service as well.


It is really needed

The online tool doesn't have this? What?

This is ridiculously primitive! Hope it is fixed asap - creating flattened monsters tables as a workaround can only go so far!

There is no future for PBI if this is not sorted. Its a standard feature!!!!

Concur with the below. We have Quickbooks data through PowerBI's app and want to combine with other data e.g. an account map so I create custom reports showing different levels of detail. Didn't think this would not be possible. PowerBI not much use without this.

The use case that I'd like to see a reality is something like this:

1. IT/Analysts etc make datasets/apps in Power BI using corporate data in the desktop
2. Business users capture and compile data in their business units (surveys, responses, ad hoc analyses, proposals etc) that is ad hoc, short term or otherwise not part of a line-of-business system lending itself to inclusion in the datasets
3. The data prepared by the business units can be related to existing datasets by common identifiers like customer, supplier, project, dates etc by business users in the browser

It is this last point that is compelling for me. Many corporate environments won't tolerate the idea of Power BI desktop rolled out and updated for all users but our Pro licensed users (everyone these days!) would have an excellent opportunity to self-serve with anywhere/anytime access if this capability were enabled online.

Linking table columns together is definitely a much needed function. Disparate datasets while working on projects exclusively utilising cloud services provided by Microsoft I believe to be below par for the current market. I for one amongst all the others who have previously commented and voted would welcome this with open arms. PowerBI desktop is NOT the future. Surely.

Que raro que no exista aun esta funcionalidad. Debe ser inminente

I strongly agree.

A much-needed feature