What about adding input fields to the dashboard widgets. Kind of like the text field but it is enabled for user input. This input field can be used in new column and new measure fields so that once the dashboard is set up the user can easily (without filtering) explore the data by entering different values such as if you had an input box for unit price. Then if you change it all the charts of total sales, revenue, etc. Will update to reflect what would happen if you increase the price by 10%. This will enable people to quickly and easily interrogate the data
Needs Votes

Thanks for the feedback! This is something we'd like to get to in the future but don't have any plans for at the moment. We suggest checking out the visual Text filter on AppSource in the interim.




My idea with a suggestion :

In option of component
[default value in column;replace value in column after input of user]

If replace value is empty/voide/null
Past default value of component in column
Else past replace value
/* default value can empty/voide/null */

Example if function of type format :
with date [01/01/1900;01/12/2019]
with datetime [01/01/1900 00:00:00;01/12/2019 12:13:14]
with hour [00:00:00;02:03:04]
with text [field_text;your_text_value]
with numeric [0;1234]

I don't know how you can past the value . It's only a suggestion. For example when you are in "online mod" with app.powerbi.com and the user can interact you dax or power query .

The dax function of input field can be like this :



Not sure why this is pushed back even after so many votes. This opens a lot of possibilities when used with DirectQuery mode


Basic features to create more specifically tailored reports. Hope it goes up more !


Please add this feature


Please add this feature as it is a basic feature in other tools and couldn't convince customers for simple missing features in Power BI.


I'd love to update my reporting services to Power BI, and is the only feature that BI is lacking that prevents me from switching to it.


I just want to have an input box where user can enter a password to access a link in powerBi published in web


This is a very basic feature which should be there in the tool.


Any updates on that point?


'Dynamic Reporting with comments. This will be a nice feature, but as data is shifted and refreshed, and filtered. how would you keep the comments for a specific record?

Important concept: Is power BI a reporting tool or a transactional tool?

-- In the interim you could create text box that people could type notes into? Other option create an Excel Log that you keep a record of all the notes. Add on idea, link the notes or log back to the report using an ID to pull those notes back in to the reporting tool.

-- Conditional formatting should allow to highlight important items by setting up thresholds.

-- Rank and top can help define issues, as well as; if you set up floor, ceilings, upper bounds and lower bounds and/or statistical analysis.

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