This is real problem for us, since we have the same object names (such as dataflows, datasets, etc.) in each workspace, so when we get an error message, we have to check every workspace.

Part of our strategy is to make sure that we create an ecosystem of power BI beginner users that are autonomous. We get so many report requests that we can't keep up and a good chunk of those are taking pieces of reports into a single dashboard view. It seems odd that report viewers who have access to many reports can't pin a visual into their own created dashboard views WITHOUT getting edit rights to the underlying report. The ability to allow this feature would significantly free up people to create their own views when they already have access to the view of the data in the report when it's shared with them. Or maybe this could be remedied by making it a right or ability when you get the viewer access level in a workspace.

This should have been one of the first data source types to be an option in Power Query!!! Come on... Data Connections 101

I agree, I update all the reports and when executives view the "App" they ask why isnt the data updated.

This would be one of the biggest updates in the industry, to be honest.

Anyone know how long this has been on the Status "Under Review" - sounds good, but last comment was 2 years ago...

[MT] - 8/12/2022 - split from all-up D365 feedback

Please disable the share button at the bottom of the power bi report. I do not want to provide my users the ability to share the report publicly or in social media. This is a real problem and needs to be solved.

It is configurable per planboard wich are the closing days, why would anyone still like to see those closing days in the planboard? It is a waste of space and a planner can therefor easily lose his overview! Please remove them closing days from the planboard instead of marking them as "Unavailable for planning"

There are a lot of possibilities in filters you can use.