It will be so usefull. It so annoying to have to transfert our base to a windows server only for using PBI.

Yes, PLEASE. I mean, on a card visual tile there is an inch between the title and the value on the tile, SO much wasted space. Then you get some visuals (multi-row cards) that come in with very small values and an inch of empty space below.

Also, would be good to be able to add headings that are not tile depth.

Please stop releasing 'features' that only work for very basic dashboards with 5 data points and 1/2 graphs. Most of us deal with much more complex data than that, but I guess you don't user test with that level of complexity. It wouldn't end well.

This is already possible (not sure if it was back when this feedback was submitted): look into "Edit interactions" on the Format ribbon.

This would be very helpful for alerts as well. Right now you can only manage alerts on select visuals. Pinning an entire report page live to a dashboard doesn't give you the options for managing alerts. On the flip side the fact that pinned visualizations never update severely limit the usefulness of alerts

Apparently SAGE 100 can do that. I don't see why BC could not do it sometime in the future.

This is currently a huge gap in the dual-write solution. In a sales organization, it is very common to restrict Customer Account salesperson access to only records they own.

THIS IS THE SAME ISSUE AS https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=c4eeb8d1-099c-ec11-826d-0003ff4582f3


This should be done! Accruals for G/L Account type & Service Item Types and Non-Inventory Item Type.

I have a similar issue where we are looking at simplying the number of data sets in our premium workspaces by creating one dataset that multiple report read from by migrating a report from connecting live to SSAS cubes to a Dataset in the service.

Having issues using Hot Swap as it does not launch.