It would be helpful if you could freely choose the language so that you don't have to change complete Windows or Power BI settings every time. 

NEEDED! Our customers are reluctant to use ER for business documents because of the lack of this functionality

I see a lot of comments in the internet regarding locking the column width in matrix. But I am surprised that the vote count is so low. This is a basic requirement.

I spent days trying to fix this issue but I can't find a solution to it. I have to manually resize the matrix in my report and republish the app on a daily basis. You can imagine how annoying this is.

If I have set the "Auto-size width" option under column header to "off", I don't understand why PBI still auto-size the matrix columns when values in the matrix are updated. If the matrix table is a 5-column matrix, then the width of the 5 columns should be locked if "Auto-size width" option is set to "off". To me, this is standard logic.

PBI team, this request is not new so please consider this request and work on it soonest possible.

This is insane! Qlikview is better in this

I totally agree and support the comment posted by Joshua Flory recently. It is so annoying and this is the basic requirement. I spent days trying to figure out how to make this work.

When a report consumer view the report, it is only natural that they want to see the visuals in the current date and not some date previously selected when the developer published the report. If the slicer is a date slicer (time intelligence) then it will be year, month and day. If the slicer is some other text slicer, then there should be an option for the developer to set the default slicer value to display. A simple example, if it is a Product slicer, then the developer may want to display Product A by default unless otherwise selected by the report consumer.

Hope the above descriptions can help the PBI team to develop this functionality into PBI soon.

Agree, this would help a lot in verifying end user experience without having to engage the users


More customers are stressing on this feature to be added. As previous comments, this is a must have.

This can be as simple as the email having the default parameter from the report displayed in its subject line