This is needed otherwise we will move to Tableau

Please turn this terrible "feature" off by default. I have all of my objects in hierarchies so I have to quadruple click sometimes to click the object I want (also a terrible feature that should be able to be togged off). This leads to this Q&A visual popping up multiple times a day to the sounds of cursing.

Good grief, this idea was originally posted SEVEN years ago! And still it's not taken up by the PowerBI team?

Not sure why we have to vote to get a bug fixed.

Please do this!

I agree the quote to work order would make much more sense and seems like a fairly substantive miss since the sales functionality is already in field service, but you are unable to generate work orders without substantial plugin setups.

I would like to be able to disable the advertisements as well. If we want to promote our own training then use the Power BI notification center. Working with Microsoft I understand there is currently not a way to disable these notifications.

This would be a huge help! After uploading several planning lines, it is easy for a couple lines to get missed in the manual selection process (especially since the page jumps when clicking true) so parts are getting missed when orders go out. Fixing the usage link would not only save time, it would also reduce error!

We have added an Automate to create a task in a queue to get around this

This seems very common sense. I want to group data in a matrix and then sort by a ranking within those groups. Why is this not possible?