Not having this option adds unnecessary hoops to jump when providing support or debugging reports. I would like to see this option back; the test as role feature is nearly useless in an environment using a centralized dataset.

This is the main reason why I use Excel.

It would be very nice to be able to do this in PowerBI.

My customers always want to use my visualizations but doing that in Excel needs some understanding of how it works.

PowerBI is way more friendly to use for my customers.

In PowerBI I can share simulation results better and protect the simulation and data behind it.

very important feature and many companies need it.

unbelievable that this feature has not been implemented yet....

Some of our customers wants to use SSO for Power BI integration with Vertica.

We are not considering bringing Power BI Desktop to Mac anytime soon

This is just ridiculous. Macs are widely used in coding and developing because Windows based systems are awful to use in real work. Without Mac version of Power BI you are forcing developers to use PC and Windows which costs time and money since PC/Win is horrible, slow and unstable system. Please grow up and add Mac version thank you.


Is there any MS tech answers here in this channel ?

Highly demanded by clients which then becomes headache as its not part part of standard customization.

It makes sense to allow for pricing to be different based on location. BC currently allows for different costs per location, so it would be sensible to allow for pricing to be different per location.

There is an existing Idea for this, please upvote it.