As well as conditions on test cases, it would be nice to have conditional test steps, e.g. press edit if form is not in edit mode

We need this to work as before, we have customers who are seeing this as a bad point of the integrated email tool in Dynamics 365.

We would like some options on this feature:
Option to Disable?
Notification back to user to whom this has been sent?
Notification of Acceptance or Rejection
Option to change message (e.g. to redirect them to helpdesk)

Yes! We want that perfect rotation angle!

100% agree it's necessary to manage dozens of roles/users from the application and not do it by hand (again) in pbi desktop.

Agreed with above comments. Group based management is a must to meet operational and security requirements. AAD groups must be supported here...

this is related to problem : https://ideas.powerbi.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=76b1e2c1-706b-41fe-a170-4792075bf727&page=2

and is the only workaround for the snowflake role issue

This is with the native connection - this is also native snowflake functionality. Without this feature we must use the less desirable odbc connection. EVERYONE who uses snowflake will encounter this issue!

The last piece I need to automate deployments.

I like this idea to draw a process and then put data on the flow.
Microsoft has this idea as well https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/itshowcase/how-microsoft-uses-process-mining-to-accelerate-digital-transformation
But has not fully linked this to powerbi because it made a visio diagram for it.
If you like to fully automate process mining and bring it to Power-BI you need to be able to generate process models and flowcharts with relations and dependencies.
Power-BI should be the tool to bring process mining to the public.
Because data presentation is Power-BI