*"know", not "now".

That would make this tool simply do it all

This idea proposes to enable ending without a report as finished journal.
I can fully support this idea which is quite generic in as well discrete as process manufacturing industry.
Workaround suggested in the past to register a dummy report as finished, which must be scrapped in inventory does not suit the industry requirement.

By implementing this idea we will:
• reduce unneeded and fictional administrative actions which are probably performed by different roles (SOX impact)
o register report as finished on the order by an operator/planner
o scrap a quantity by the warehouse responsible
o end production order by a financial responsible
• bring the ERP process back in line with business reality, where some productions do not result in an actual yield due to a variety of possible causes:
o nature of the product (e.g. chemical/ biological circumstances) making production results uncertain
o nature of the production (e.g. trial orders)
o cancelling a production order before completion
o …
• provide a more correct and transparent reporting, as well for production efficiency as for scrap reporting.

A very detailed information about the differences between BLOB and Media, could be seen here:
But sadly that issue was closed unsolved after about two years.

So, how long is a "long term roadmap" approximately? ;-)
Can we expect any progress in the future?

Can this please be put on the roadmap ?
This is especially useful when you set up a tablet/mobile profile.
Those are most of the time very specific, and most of the actions are obsolete for that profile.
But now we have to solve this by using page-extensions and hide the actions by code.

В утвержденных заказах на покупку, прошу предоставить доступ вложению документов (без запроса на изменение).

This usually creates confusion for the end users, please add this feature so the dashboards in PBI will be more user friendly in terms of extracting the data.

This is a vital feature that should not have been removed.

This was an assertion

This has me concerned, I'm a business analyst and have a very broad stakeholder group, even at the report developer level. We have databases and analytical models that cross multiple business units. Is my team supposed to expose the entire model to everyone, including components that are not relevant to that business unit? Stakeholders with a low skill level are going to see massive and complex models, and in a worst case scenario information that is classified as not appropriate for their business unit.