You can change it in the json after downloading. Then import the json for the dataflow. Then with an api call you can update the AllowNativeQueries=TRUE. More info: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/power-bi/dataflows/update-dataflow But that's quite a hassle, why not just make it work?

In this other issue for Validate(), someone else from MS said this is a bug and should be fixed too. I understand that functions like Get() which takes Any, and SetFilter() which takes arbitrary text - may not be so easy to diagnose at compile-time. But SetRange() and Validate() take same/strongly typed arguments, so they seem pretty cut-and-dry. https://github.com/microsoft/AL/issues/6771#issuecomment-924768406

Also needed for GL

To change the sort order is very important to us too! We had to find a huge workaround, which is quite complex and not efficient. Would be great, if this idea could be implemented not only long term, but short term! Thank you.

Yes, It would be very useful.

For our customers, not only from Poland we extended this field to 50 characters. 30 characters is too short.

Hi there, also "new Order created" or something similar is very important :-D Regards Ferdinand

Any news about it? It is rather disappointing that there are new possibilities added by Microsoft to request access that to give us control over this function especially that Whitepapers and books written by Microsoft partners encourage to use group access instead of individuals :(

I've been waiting for this for years and they still want more votes. It's ludicrous that the rest of the world has to follow the US working week rules. We need the flexibility to change the week starting day - the relative date filter is very limited otherwise.

Couldn't agree more. Having to manually enter >500 user roles with each new Power BI Dashboard is time consuming. The ability to import or have Power BI read roles from a data source would save hours