That would be such a live safer, please implement!

I agree with Mr. Venturini

This feature will be very helpful for us.

Hi Team,

@Micrsoft team - when can we expect this feature?

This is a critical feature which has been pending since 2015. Can microsoft look at this feature and come back as its difficult to manage the reports in single workspace?


Shiva Shankar Sheela

We are in 2022 and this feature has not yet shipped... Makes it impossible to use stacked area charts in presentations and use alternate solutions.

PowerBi Team! Please work on this request! This is still a need for us, as users!

This is a no-brainer, guys. Come on. Seriously.

This is a MUST. The web app will go directly to a report from a desktop tile without going into focus mode. For KPI visuals this is annoying. We don't need to zoom in on the KPI but have the KPI bring us to the detailed report. The desktop "mobile" app is improving and works nice but this problem single handedly keeps me from using it instead of the web application.

How on earth is this still not implemented? Very annoying. Some end-users aren't savvy enough to know to click that button every, single, time. And besides, why should you have to?

We need the option to have drill down on by default.