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Make creating Power BI excel workbooks intuitive

I a pretty technical user but have never been able to get a Excel workbook to update date when loaded to Power BI,

Using the analyze in excel feature:
Nope, update not allowed.

Saving a file in Sharepoint:
Nope, can't load to a group.

Creating the file online from a report or dataset:
Refresh not supported

I know it's possible, but the secret way that the excel spreadsheet need to be configured is not obvious.

I have tried an given up more times than I can count.

Perhaps there is a document that describes the steps, but it's lost in the noise when I search for it.

It should not be difficult to make this work.

Just make the "analyze in Excel" connection work when the workbook is uploaded.
Or have a way to easily create a connection that will support refresh from an existing dataset.

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