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Dynamic currency formatting

There are a number of ideas relating to currency formatting but none quite capture the essence of the issue at hand.

Dynamically changing the currency *is* entirely possible through a number of means.

What isn't possible at the moment is displaying/formatting the output in a meaningful way.

Assuming you have a currency slicer and a 'dynamic' measure, there are as far as I know there are three options:

- Format as decimal number (trusting the user to infer currency from slicer/filter selection)
- E.g. FORMAT([Sales], "$#,##0.0") which converts the measure to text and we lose the ability to sort values in any meaningful way
- Format as 'Currency general' which assumes that the user's locale matches currency selection

My suggestion is simply to add a locale parameter in the CURRENCY() function, e.g. CURRENCY([Sales], "USD").

Locale is clearly a parameter 'under the hood' here (as the symbol matches my locale) so exposing this to users ought to be fairly straight forward?

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  • Nathan Peterson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Your suggestion is a good one.

    In the meantime, to make currency intuitive without converting to text, create a separate measure which will display the symbol of the selected currency.

    In a table, you can add as a separate column.

    For other visuals, would have to rely on a separate card.

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