How can we improve Power BI?

I do not Like Power BI

I really getting mad with Power BI.

1) as a data analyst the tools miss some basics for statistical process analysis like a Pareto Diagram, a probability plot and an non fancy boxplot

2) I reaaaaaaalllllly hate the fact that the drag and drog feature of the graphs is not intuitive at all. Take for example the Box & Whiskers template you can find on the marketplace. I am a six sigma black belt since 1997 - but I cannot make it work. My fault, sure. But God'd'mn if there is a simple eveidence of the type of data used as source for the fields!

3) let's talk about the market place: I digit "Box Plot" and the number of graph is ridicoulsy low. How you can pretend to be the platform for data analysts and have not built a full set of graphs that You can find in most of the most basic packages ?

4) there is not coding capability, or at least not in a usual way. I need to re-learn DAX from scratch, exercising myself in a costant "guessing" what the possible miracle funtion can solve my problem

5) O my God how much I hate the logic of accessing a community for getting elementary explanation. Guys, I am surely old school, but when I spend DAYS ( f... "days"!!!!!) in pulling elementary istrunctions to kick into the lower parts this Black-Box and make it work I start wonder why the hell I am paying Microsoft to support my business instead of re-building everything by myself from scratch. The amount of time is starting to be the same.

Guys sorry for the low out, but someone has to tell you.

This is not what we expect from Microsoft!

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    thx for the emphaty.

    - yes... the full purpose to give a try to P_BI is to see if it is simpler than 'is not

    - DAX: let me be clear: also DAX in excel is a BS. I abandoned excell to its destiny 20 years ago for proper coding.., for a reason...

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    It's a shame that PowerBI doesn't have Box Plot, which is only a basic statistical tool that can be learnt in high-school.

    But you can use the build-in "R script Visuals" and "Python Visuals" to create the Pareto Diagram and Box Plot. Provided that you know R or Py.

    Also, you don't need to re-lean DAX from scratch if you have learnt EXCEL before. The formula are pretty similar.

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