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more specific info about why scheduled refresh failed

Hi, I really appreciate the email that is generated when the scheduled refresh failed. Would it be possible to add there:
- name or ID of workspace failed report is in?
- information why it failed (eg. "Could not resolve QueryDefinition due to invalid SourceEntity reference '<pi>_MyMeasures</pi>'. This error often happens after the Entity was renamed or deleted. Please update the query/visual to use the new name or undo the name change. - Source: 'User' "

It would be very helpful for us, who have many workspaces and need to know what is wrong.

Thank you,

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  • cbailiss commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Really the logging needs to include:
    - Workspace name (or ID)
    - Dataset name (or ID)
    - Query name
    - Error details

    I just posted the following comment on:

    It is very hard to troubleshoot gateway refresh errors currently.
    As far as I can tell (and the Microsoft support person who I raised a support call to), the gateway logs contain no information that you can use to find out which dataset in which workspace is a associated with a given failure.
    This makes management of the Gateway very difficult. Power BI can retry refreshes multiple times, even when the refresh is destined to always fail (e.g. due to changes in the data source). This consumes a significant amount of resources in (1) data sources, (2) network, (3) gateway and (4) the Power BI Online service. So what appears as a mere annoyance, in a large organisation can have significant resource and capacity implications.
    In a large organisation where many people and teams are using the same enterprise gateway, this can make the gateway very hard to manage (and the number of failing datasets can just increase over time).
    Please Microsoft address this issue. At the moment you have what looks like a big design flaw in the logging mechanism that needs to be addressed.

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