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Persisting default selections for different users

We need the ability to persist at dashboard-level different selections for different users so that when these users refresh, they do not have to reselect all the filters for the displayed charts.

Scenario: After sharing the dashboard with multiple people, each person will want to monitor the dashboard using their own values for some of the dashboard filters (for example, for pinned live pages, there may be multiple filters/slicers for each page). Currently, a user needs to reselect those filters each time after refresh (if he wants to choose something different than the default dashboard configuration), which is very inconvenient, especially if the dashboard is displayed on a projector.

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Thank you for the feedback! We are now working on a way to persist your last state on report pages. This will essentially remember all your filter and slicer states, so you don’t have to re-select everything once you navigate away or refresh the page. For our first rev of this feature (targeted release Q4 CY 2017), it will only be available on report pages. We will plan on support live tiles in the future.


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Love the feature in reports, now we need it for Dashboards. Use case: 20 sales regions each region by default would like to see their sales numbers. I want to avoid creating 20 different sales region dashboards.

  • Informatica Urba commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It is necessary the possibility of saving at dashboard level, not only report pages. For example if on a dashboard we present a story that contains several reports with monthly filters, the next month, it is necessary to redo the whole dashboard with the new filters, that without mentioning that you have to send again all the reports from the PowerBi Desktop with the new filters

  • Srikanth commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is not just a very useful feature but a must one w.r.t field force users. Even though all users run the same report, they have very different selections that they want to retain every time and save them with a name for each scenario. This feature is available in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), it is also present in SAP Business Objects (though it has issues of recreating these selections whenever report gets changed) and most important this is an awesome feature that many colleagues are using in our company in Tableau. Please enable users to save multiple selections on the same report (for different prompts) so that each time they log in the can specify what scenario to apply (that helps that in their current activities).


  • Alan Sloan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Something I would like to suggest with this feature would be to maintain the ability to "one-click reset" filters. This way, if a user accidentally makes a change, they won't have to track down the specific change and reset it, they may simply return to the default filter settings.

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